We have a host of delightful new treats in store for you from new designers and also some exclusive new products.

  • Cinda Clark

    Silk Scarves

    With scarves being a HUGE Spring/Summer trend in the fashion world, we simply couldn't resist these Cinda Clark chic silk scarves. The Art Deco inspired prints, 100% silk and rolled edges make it a luxury item you want to wear in every which way possible - in your hair, round your neck, as a belt...The big question is how will you wear yours?

  • Gin Durham

    The Hare

    Gin Durham is an exquisite Ceramic designer.  The inspiration for her new body of work stems from traditions of folklore and fairy stories and nursery rhymes.  Having worked for a number of years as a graphic designer, project manager and artist, she established her ceramic practice in 2011. We simply adore "The Hare" and have a range of her other beautiful creatures in store.

  • One Hundred Stars

    Scarves, Kimonos & Gowns

    We have fallen head over heels in love with a London based handmade brand, One Hundred Stars. Gallery H now stock a range of their botanical, and map collection consisting of printed scarves, kimonos, and the most beautiful gowns. Their timeless style and delicate design, combined with lightweight fabric makes you feel divine!

  • Love Yourself

    Limited Edition Artwork

    Katie Edwards has created a gorgeous, golden, silkscreen print that we are instantly desperate to get hung on our own home walls! This joyous illustration, created using two identical finger prints mirrored, on 24K gold symbolises the concept of "Love Yourself". An idea we believe has a heartfelt positive message.

    With a limited print run of 20, each one unique and also signed by the award winning artist herself, be sure to visit Gallery H to ensure you don't miss out.


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